The Good Life


Tam Son; this fairy tale looking village is where we spend our rest day.

I felt the motorbikes was a little unstable as we weaved through the hectic bedlam that is the traffic of central Hanoi. Nowhere else os there traffic quite like this. Condider the haphazard movement of ants, magnify it to human size and put it all aboard little Honda motorcycles and you begin to get the idea. On my lap between Phong and I was a box of groceries weighing 15 kilos, this put me way back behind the rear wheel, but stability was somehow brought back in the direction of normal by the 10KG of shopping betweens Phong’s legs. As we wobbled and weaved our way back to HQ (in this case my hotel room) I found myself chuckling to myself like a fool. I am in a fascinating city with a fine friend about to set out on a beautiful journey with a group of great people, life is indeed jolly splendid, and Painted Roads is go!

For more about Painted Roads bicycle tours and to follow the story of our journey through the magical mountains of Vietnams remote North East please do keep an eye on the Painted Roads Blog.


The climb to Heaven Gate Pass, beautiful


The very first person to join the very first Painted Roads tour on the very first night; or more accurately several nights before the tour begins – a friend from a tour gone bye….. Priyen! We ha a splendid night in a local restaurant watching life go by and enjoying convivial banter. Cheers Pri!


2 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. In fairness to Priyen, not many; it is Priyen’s opinion that I need to time when I press the button on my camera a little better. I like the pic though.

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