Planet-X and Bangkok



So here we are, Planet-X Ti and I are in Asia. I am at present afflicted by a debilitating dose of that most dastardly of maladies, jet-lag.

The journey here went well with my customary flight plan followed to a tee; settle down with two seats to myself and partake in a steady drip of Chile’s finest red. I lack the skills necessary to slumber in flight and so I inhabit a world where time no longer exists, Replaced in time’s stead is the red green and blue LED flicker of a tinny flat screen gracing the back to the seat in front of me, from which, once one’s ears are plugged into the infernal machine, emits a continuos cry of oaths from excitable Americans all accusing one another of unnatural incestuous acts with close female family members. I have spent very little time in The United States, though from the few weeks I have spent there I found the people to be decent polite friendly folks, which leads me to wonder why it is that Hollywood seems so passionate about presenting its populace in such a dire manner. But I digress.

The outcome of my prolonged lack of slumber was a marathon 14 hour sleep on my first night in Bangkok followed by 2 subsequent nights of dire fitful napping between prolonged spells of restlessness during which a section of my concise that I am working hard to take control of bullies me. The consequence of which is that it was only this afternoon twixt naps that I eventually assembled the Planet-X bike and nipped out into neighbourhood to take a few pics. Alas ’tis the fringe of the rain season and no sooner had I ventured out than the time was upon me to seek refuge from a tropical deluge.

Where to go on Planet-X?






12 thoughts on “Planet-X and Bangkok

  1. Thanks Renea. It’s great to ride, like a rocket compared to my old bike (that I shall be back on for Vietnam). Will soon see how it fairs with a little luggage on board.

  2. hello… i just arrived in bangkok yesterday from uk and am also travelling by bike (which is a broken down wreck compared to this one, but does the job, or at least has done so far…). i’ve never been here before. next i will head south to malaysia, but got a few days first in bangkok. would you like to meet up and hang out or take a little bike ride round the city? i can come anywhere anytime (if i allow a little time for getting lost)…

      • Is it not a bit sad to call a bike “beautiful”….surely that term should apply to women and Barcelona football team only..?

  3. Time for some new reading glasses Mr Hawkins, the first time the word beautiful appeared on this post was when you wrote it, silly person. Elsewhere throughout the blog is is only ever used in reference to me. Barcelona football!?!?!?!!!??? Don’t you spend all of your pennies before Christmas, your round first in the Bull I do think. Now, I’m off to allow people to admire my beauty whilst I ride my new bicycle.

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