on cornwall’s craggy shore what lays ahead is pondered

The time is nigh to end my UK summer sojourn and head back to Asia. Once there I will resume blogging, dear reader, with a vengeance, and, soon to come, a difference.

My first port of call as usual will be Thailand where I will be travelling in a style I have been meaning to try for several years, lightweight cycling. For you see I now possess the finest bicycle I have ever ridden, a Planet-X titanium road bike that is so fine that to leave it on these damp and misty shores would be little short of a travesty. And so I will take it with me to Thailand, load it lightly and see how it fairs as a touring machine, its progress will, rest assured, be logged in this weblog.

Over the past few days this bike has been for a little spin around the rocky coast of Cornwall in the far south west of England. The reason for its trip to this handsome peninsula will be revealed in the next few weeks, though some readers who follow other blogs such as this may, with a little imagination, have an inkling about this already.

Early July will see me reunited with two of my favourite companions, my old bike – that is still fairing well after 100,000KMS – and my old chum Phong. Phong and I are off to cycle what will prove to be a fascinating route that tracks the Ho Chi Minh trail through Vietnam. The history of the HCM Trail is fascinating and, on those precious occasions when I can prise some sensible behaviour from Phong, he is a fountain of mesmerising historic tales. This journey will take a few weeks and will, I feel sure, be a most enchanting adventure.

Until Thailand, Adios.

Planet-x titanium road bike. a fine lightweight tourer? time will tell

Planet-x ti and a titanium fixed gear friend. those who have been reading this blog for a while may recall that in 2010 i rode a single speed from singapore through malaysia and thailand to phuket. during the second half of this year something of a similar flavour will be unveiled that will be of great interest to anyone with a taste for fun, fixed and single, and a rather cool adventure. more soon.



5 thoughts on “

  1. You’ll be a blur in the distance…it’s nearly as pretty as my Specialised Dolce Elite. Happy cycling, see you in Thailand!

  2. PS, I may not know what you’re doing, but I know who you’re doing it with 😉
    Are we going to wish we were single?

  3. Yep, I knew that you would figure it Angie, we talked about that and I nearly put it in the post. All will be revealed soon. Don’t worry about the bike, I still have to peddle it you know, I’m getting old now. Looking forward to Thailand, will be great.

  4. I guess everybody loves their own bike best; was it a good bet to fit my fixie (http://bicycle.peterklomp.com/?p=6) with a new chain?
    Yes, that little imagination and that last spark of math that stuck around from the years of yonder, I would say you will reveal something between 3 and 5. I’m excited for you.
    Still in Japan by the way…Hokkaido spring 2013?

    • Interest fixie Pete, the new chain could be a worthy investment if you fancy a little fun in Thailand next year, keep an eye on the blog for more info later.
      Hokkaido sounds great, I really do fancy a ride around there, will let you know if I can make it next year.

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