Oh dear, it has been a long time. Odd that just as this blog is getting more and more hits I am saying less and less. Probably something I can learn from.

I sat the other day devouring a plate of fried noodles for lunch. The restaurant was empty save for the waitress and I. The television was on and we were both enthralled. She with the TV and I with her reaction to the drama unfolding before her on the silver screen. The main protagonist was a beautiful young girl of around 20 years . The other two were handsome men of a similar vintage. Understanding Thai was not necessary to follow the plot. Clearly through revelations slowly brought to light by dramatic words and deeds it became apparent to the first young man that his girlfriend was unexpectedly with child. For a few moments the young fellow’s facial features distorted this way and that as he flapped his arms around in bewilderment until a strained silence fell upon the scene as the other young chap strode into the room.  The looks these two men exchanged bellied a lack of fondness for each other, the revelation a few moments latter that some uncertainty hovered around which of them had been responsible for impregnating the young lady, who was by now slump over the kitchen table sobbing unconsolably, turned out to be the final straw in their strained relationship and they began battering each other with whatever household objects fell readily to hand.

 If you have read this far you may well be wondering what on earth I am babbling on about, well, the point is that the chubby waitress was enthralled by this, totally engrossed, and her body language and facial expression suggested that to her this was really happening and of great importance. People are fascinated with what is going on in other peoples lives, and so if  I said that the reason I have not been posting on this blog would be of no interested to people it would quite likely be untrue, but still, I am not going to tell.

 Instead I will leave you with the few photographs I have taken during the last month.

i recently rode with a friend along the small roads south of Bangkok. The area is one of salt production teaming with workers heavily dressed against he sun's vicious glare as in attacks not only from above, but also reflecting up from the glittering salt below

long tail boats stranded high and dry by a low tide

a lone tree on the beach

the full moon rises


6 thoughts on “wibble

  1. Thanks for your comments Worldbiking. The light down here softens off around five in the evening, lovely. Enjoy your journey south

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