happy birthday

The clouds, small white black and light grey puffs float in diagonal lines across the ocean from the horizon to the distant hills behind me. They hang low in the sky, a stark contrast to the great bluish stacks of cloud looming up from below the earth’s edge all along the distant horizon to where the silver flash of an airliner glints in the sun.

The beach is deserted save for a young dog that sniffs at me for a while before deciding I am dull and trotting off, tail held erect, looking for something altogether more interesting and worthy of her affection. A cool breeze blows in from the east playing lightly on my bare skin cooling me as the last heat from the setting sun glows on my back.

And so I sit on the 19th of January, the second birthday of this blog.

Two year ago I sat on the bed in a windowless room in a Malaysian hotel waiting for a Thai visa to be granted. Whilst I waited I conceived and created the first version of this blog. I had little idea where it would go, all I knew was that I enjoyed writing, I enjoyed photography, and I seemed to be doing things that people were interested in. Anyone delving back in the archives here will notice entries going back to early 2009. Those entries are my contribution to a blog that was a joint venture, a blog conceived to chronicle an adventure from the far north of Colombia to La Paz in Bolivia. A wonderful adventure taking my travel partner and I six and a half thousand kilometres along the Andes mountain range in South America.

Since then the blog has centred around my work in Asia and annual mini-adventures around the UK with my brother. Where it will go over the coming twelve months I am unsure. Before me lay several ideas, possibilities, opportunities. Although some more so than others they are fragmented, like a camera with a smut of grime upon its lens they whirl into and out of focus with dizzying regularity.

Whatever happens, whichever direction I go, I hope that I will continue to find the inspiration to photograph and write of my observations and thoughts of the world around me as I float gently through it.

a recent sunset from Koh Yao Noi island near Phuket

a recent sunset over Ratchaprapha Dam


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