a snake and a temple visit


I considered the serpents colour for a while, were it , let’s say, red and yellow I would have been in little doubt that it was best to steer clear. But it wasn’t red and yellow, it was green. I considered green; green is for OK, for go, for caring for the environment, green is a happy colour. I was visiting a lovely old temple I had happened upon, and as I went to lean my bicycle against a tree sudden movement had drawn my attention to the snake now under discussion. It was over a metre long and slender and had, until it caught my attention, been under severe danger of being squashed by a fully ladened bicycle.

I stopped manoeuvring my machine and the snake stopped manoeuvring itself and turned to face me. His countenance was one of confidence, a look that suggested he could handle himself well in a scrap. I considered his colour again, it was, I decided, rather a bright green and I made my way to another tree against which I could park my bike.


the contrast of old and new caught my attentions. to my mind the old temple is far more symbolic of the buddha’s teachings...


but the old temple had seen better days and now relies on props for support


note the knotted rope above the door. this did a complete lap of the temple in an attempt to hold the cracks together...

the cracks are above every door and window…


and each corner. i fear for the future of this lovely old building


buddha statues outside the temple








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