northward ho

I return to town just short of sunset – just in the nick of time for sundowners you may say – to the jubilant applause of the natives, for success was mine. Well to be honest jubilant applause from the natives may be hyperbole, but the girl at the café did ask if I’d had a successful day, I had.

Due to a lax attitude – teachers and bosses since time immemorial have informed me I have one – I didn’t manage to drag myself away from coffee drinking and nattering at the café until noon, at which stage a peep at the map revealed that I had left myself with a bit of a tall order. You may recall from my last post that I had set myself the task of plotting a route around the district capital town of Chumphon avoiding the city and major highways. With fifty kilometres to back track and then return looking along the many small roads that wind their way north east around Chumphon I was going to be doing well to return before dark. But with a song in my heart and a spring in my step I mounted my machine, plugged myself into my iPod and off I set. As I followed the curve of the sea around a bay I stood on the pedals to power up a small hill, the cable of my head phones snagged on the handlebars and the ear buds dropped into the front wheel; I watched in dismay as the cable wound its way around the wheel tearing into small pieces as it went; I have resigned myself to cycling in silence for the foreseeable future.

Spicy fried squid with chilli and basil over rice at a convivial little riverside restaurant gave me energy for a few more kilometres when I stopped to check the map (quite why I do this I am unsure, it has little detail, perhaps it is the action that gives me comfort). Later a fresh pineapple gave me a natural sugar boost to power me back home under the soft light of the setting sun. My day had been a success, I had found the way through.

in the interest of plotting a fine route I found myself on trails such as this...

For full details of the Redspokes Thailand Winter Escape Tour  that I am presently fine tuning please have a look here.

in the interest of plotting a fine route I found myself on trails such as this…

and roads such as this with an interesting red bicycle lane...

and tranquil little roads through coconut plantations

and seaside lanes

fresh papaya grows in abundance

costal mushrooms

most people are surprised to learn that pineapple grows on a small plant at ground level

pineapple being prepared at the roadside


4 thoughts on “northward ho

  1. oh it looks fab… nice to see your bike parking skills are on a par with mine. Now luckily you don’t have an orange bike yet, suspect you might otherwise have been unable to find where you left it on that dirt track. On reflection blue could be the colour to go for on the basis that you are unlikely to park it in the sea.

    • Bike abandoning I think is more to the point Mike. By golly sir I am close, very close to putting down a deposit on the orange bike. I was in the bike shop just one hour since, one more beer and the deal would have been done.

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