Escape Winter: Join Me For A Ride From Phuket To The Gulf of Thailand In Feb

the old fort just 10 minuets walk from our final night in the Samsen district of Bangkok

Back in April I wrote about a costal Thailand tour that I had been working on. It was a plan conceived from a conviction that those from northern Europe and North America would be as keen as mustard to escape winter’s cruel clutches come February. I am pleased to be able to report that Redspokes have added this tour to their list of 2012 destinations and at an introductory price of £895 it is a great chance to escape the winter blues with a blend of cycling, beaches, fine food and tropical seaside sundowners. You will have to endure my company, but hey, you can’t have it all.

It is a 12 day tour designed to fit neatly into two weeks off work. The tour begins on the island of Phuket from where we island-hop and cycle across Thailand and then follow small rural roads through fishing villages and local beachside resorts north along the Gulf of Thailand.

For more information please have a look at the redspokes newsletter where you will find a link leading you to an info request form. Of course I am more than happy to help in any way I can with info and booking.

For now I shall leave you with a few images from along the route.

the road hugging the Gulf of Thailand

The beach front of our hotel at Ban Krut

a moody sky very near another of our guest houses

The roads are rarely busy and the sea is seldom far away on this journey.

sunset at Rachabrapha Dam, our only non seaside overnight stop of the tour

along the way we pass many small fishing villages

the view from our small ferry heading from Koh Yao Noi to the mainland

Thailand, plenty of spice


2 thoughts on “Escape Winter: Join Me For A Ride From Phuket To The Gulf of Thailand In Feb

  1. It is indeed very tempting. But not this winter, sadly. We are off to Kerala for a couple of weeks in November, and have promised to take our small fry skiing in March, so no Thailand. Having said that, the tour you’re researching (when the waters go down) looks, if anything, even more interesting. Have been to Angkor Wat, but wouldn’t mind a rerun on a bike – fabulous place.

  2. Hello Angie, It’s a shame that you cannot make it along in Feb, but Kerala is nice as is skiing, there is always next time. Thanks for the feedback on the other tour I mentioned researching. Thailand Lao and Cambodia may all be Buddhist, share an interwoven history and be neighbours but they have rather distinct personalities and this tour will, in two weeks, cover a fascinating blend of culture history architecture nature and topography. From the modern towns of Thailand to the coffee growing Bolivian Plateau in Lao, along the Mekong River where we can observe the rare Ayeyarwady dolphin to the ancient temples and architecture of the Khmer kingdom from Angkor Wat to little known temples falling into disrepair out on the plains and in the jungle.
    Now there is a new government in Thailand relationships between Cambodia and Thailand are once again cordial and I understand a border previously opened only to locals is now open to foreigners. This hopefully means a complete look is now possible. Hum, I am looking forward to researching and reporting on this as soon as possible. Watch this space.

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