A Few More Pics From Tibet

A long way to Shanghai

Huffing and puffing up a long climb I met this girl attempting to hitch-hike to the next town. My old legs were not up to powering the two of us over the pass so she had to make do with a handful of jelly babies to help her across the hills

A Tibetan lady wrapped up against the cold and bitter wind atop the 5250 metre Gyatso La pass

I met this fellow whilst crossing the remote Lama La pass. Surprised to find that he spoke excellent English I spent a good ten minutes nattering with him during which time I discovered that he had climb three of the 14 eight thousand metre peaks, including Everest. He made my efforts to cycle over a 5000 metre pass fell rather feeble

A horse and cart crossing the Lama La pass


Yeti spotting along the Rongbuk valley

Everest Base Camp

A yak enclosure

Camping in a dip between two five thousand metre passes I couldn’t resist a post dinner stroll onto the plateau above our camp. The sunset views were stunning, alas my photographic abilities could not do justice to the golden glow of the evening light playing on the grass as it waved in the breeze.


2 thoughts on “A Few More Pics From Tibet

  1. Yeah jelly babies (provided they don’t taste of petrol of course)! Love the Everest base camp / prayer flag shot David – very nice!
    Cheers, Niall

    • I managed to keep the Jelly babies free of all combustable liquids this time Nial. They did astonish a couple of people with their ability to power though. Rather disturbing that these carb bombs that give fit athletic adults power when they are on the verg of collapse are given to small children as recreational food. Hum.
      Glad you like some of the pics.

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