From Lhasa to Shigatse. A Ride Across Tibet.

The beautiful lake at the meeting point of three valleys bellow the Simi La pass on the way to Gyantse, a few days west of Lhasa.

“People think I should be unhappy, why?” asks Nima in fluent English. “I am blind, if I am unhappy I will still be blind, is it not better then that I am happy and blind?” These words have been flowing through my mind ever since hearing them. Nima, who is totally blind, runs Brail Without Borders, a boarding school for blind Tibetan kids in Lhasa that was set up by German Sabriya Tenberken, herself blind, and her Dutch boyfriend Paul Kronenberg. The first hurdle Sabriya and Paul had to cross was convincing the Chinese authorities that blind people can learn and can be self sufficient. Brail Without Borders is the charity Redspokes supports in Tibet. During this visit I had the honour of passing on money raised by Nigel, a stella fellow from my Tibet group last September who has been busy fundraising for this fantastic charity ever since.

We have been blessed with fine weather so far on this journey. Here we ride out of Lhasa in glorious sunshine.

The turquoise waters of Yamdrok Tso as we drop from the Kampa La pass onto the Tibetan Plateau.

Susan and MC partake in a little yak dancing

Colourful prayer flags emblazoned with mantras flutter in the breeze taking their message to the heavens, apparently.

September is harvest time with fields of golden barley waving in the breeze.


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