A Cornish Amble


As is our custom when I am in the UK my brother Dicki and I have been exploring a little more of this green and pleasant land. For just shy of a week we have wobbled up hill and down dale through the winding lanes and lovely little coves of Cornwall, a county in the far south west reaches of the land.

I shall say no more of it for now, instead I shall let my camera tell a quick tale of our journey.


Despite the gloomy and pessimistic forecast from the met office we were blessed with fine weather.


Cornish roadsigns are, we discovered, often less than accurate so far as distances are concerned. “Trevandegthangy 10” a sign will inform you with much authority. After just one hundred metres sits another sign telling you that you are now two miles closer to Trevandegthangy. This knowledge is gratefully received as Trevandegthangy is where you understand the next pub to be, then four miles later comes another sign conveying the disturbing intelligence you that you still have 14 miles left to cycle before you reach Trevandegthangy.


A Typical Cornish village street scene.


The small village of Halford.


Our hydration was kept in check by the wonderful Trelawny Ale.


The Cornish coast is as beautiful as any I have had the good fortune to visit. The crystal azure sea here at St Ives is typical.


Waves crashing against the shore at Great Britain’s most southerly point, The Lizard.


A sturdy rowing boat left high and dry by the ebbing tide.


Having recently wandered around a Vietnamese fishing harbour with my camera it was interesting to amble around a Cornish fishing village.


Another day draws to an end


Mevagissy harbour shortly after sunset.


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