windmills of my mind


What occupies the thoughts of a long distance cyclist? This is a question I am often asked. I find that cycling helps to clear my mind and to concentrate my thoughts. The physical rhythm of the heart and the breath can be conducive to meditation. This morning as I rolled through the beautiful English countryside my mind drifted to a topic that has been interesting me of late, destiny and fate. Is our future preordained? Are we free or will our life follow the route mapped out for us no matter what we think or say or do?

A friend recently suggested that who we meet is predetermined, but what we do with it is down to us; an interesting theory. More and more over recent years I have wondered whether we should follow our head or our heart. By this I mean should we try to behave as logic and rationality dictate, or follow our feeling and emotion.

We, that is people in general, have a tendency towards subtlety in our approach towards life, other people, and relationships. What to say, what to write, where to go and how to behave. Whether we turn up for a date punctually, early, or late. If we should behave aloof to keep another person interested. Should we send the honest and open letter we have written or should we consign it to the waste bin, to obscurity forever hiding our inner most feelings?

We put a lot of thought into these decisions, but if we decide to hold back, to be late, to not send the letter, is this simply a vain attempt to change the inevitable? Is the open and honest voice within us our destiny leading us to our ultimate fate regardless of our considered actions? Is our attempt to steer our life a pointless battle against the inevitable?

Can we manipulate the future? Every move we make, every turn, every word, is shaping what comes next. What will happen thirty years from now could well be determined by whether we turn left or right at the next junction. Turn left and you go home as usual, turn right and you bump into someone, or something, that will forever change your life. Had you turned left would you have never encountered that person or accident or observation? Or would it have been there anyway? Is there any point in us considering any action? Is our intellect, what we consider to be our freewill, pointlessly fighting the flow? If we just had the sense to let go and drift with the flow would life be a lot simpler, happier, better?

Answers on the back of a sealed down envelope to the usual address please.


is our idea of freewill like this gate, pointless?


a long and lonely road to nowhere


the windmills of my mind




4 thoughts on “windmills of my mind

  1. This made for very interesting reading – you can go crazy over-analyzing every thing you do, but it’s so hard to keep it simple.

    • Thanks Angie. It is interesting I think as as I say it has been something I have been mulling over. I have come to the conclusion to go with the flow. Let’s see how that works out.

  2. Interestingly there is a theory that we have no freewill. Our freewill is simply perceived freewill. Possibly everything in our lives is pre-determined by nature’s laws and an incalculable number of variables.

    If we knew all the laws and the value of each and every variable at any point in time (assuming there is such a thing as absolute time, which of course there isn’t), and then had a computer powerful enough, we could calculate exactly what anyone is going to do next.

    Although the calculation may take a little too long to allow us to duck in a timely manner before that angry bloke throws a punch at you!

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