out on the moors


The taught skin of the tent thrummed like rolling thunder as the gale coming in from the angry sea tried to rip my protective cocoon from me. Rain began to add rhythm as I unzipped the door of the inner tent, stretched forward and lit the small gas stove to brew the first coffee of the morning. As the water warmed I tentatively unzipped the flap of the outer tent and peered out onto a powerful and angry looking grey sky. Over the sea were squalls, with the temperature cold I huddle into my down sleeping bag. Ah the joys of, a weekend on an English campsite at the height of summer.

I am in the UK again for my annual summer sojourn during which my brother Dicki and I will head of for a few little jaunts through this green and pleasant land by bicycle. Exmoor in the south west was our destination for the weekend just past, next is a week in Cornwall, I am looking forward to that.

For now though, a few pics from Exmoor and its environs.


A rare sight, the glimmering white church at Selworthy


A ship beyond its prime at Porlock Weir harbour a beautiful little spot where the Ship Inn is located. I can vouch for the fine quality of the numerous ales served there.


Built to keep Adolf and his naughty chums from marauding up the Bristol Chanel this bunker is finally succumbing to the sea.


Climbing towards Exmoor with the Bristol Chanel in the background.


Across the moors….


and back down to the sea


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