Out to Sea

Phong and I have just spent a few days in Ha Long Bay, around 120KMS east of Hanoi. We stayed on Cat Ba Island and took a sea kayak out for a day of exploring the small fishing communities that float between the beautiful karst hills jutting dramatically from the sea. Bellow are a few images snapped when I dared take my camera from its dry bag.


Phong insisted on a room with a view, I guess you can see why, this is a snapshot from the window.


using a tandem sea kayak we paddled away from shore….


into this small floating fishing village…




where folks moor up their trawlers outside their homes….


which are floating on rafts….

are generally painted turquoise….

and enjoy a constant and abundant supply of salt water.


looks like an ideal new home for an aquatic DIY enthusiast. Phong tells me there are around 15 storms per year.Apparently the storms my watch warned us were approaching every fifteen minutes, causing me grave concern, would have been phoo-phooed by the natives, as they were by Phong who declared my watch and its storm alarm feature a ‘silly thing!’


these fishermen who were taking care of a little net maintenance were a friendly pair, as indeed was everyone in this floating community.


then back to sea….


where we found cruise ships beneath a stormy sky.


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