a lost valley

What a perfect evening. The sun having now officially called an end to the day I have retired to the warmth of my tent and the snug fluffy down of my sleeping bag whilst outside the temperature spirals down bellow zero. I brushed my teeth in the warmth of the last of the day’s sun sitting by a mountain stream amidst a heard of yaks. The yak closest to me would look up from munching grass every now and then to see if he could make sense of what I was up to. The thrusting of green plastic along my gums seem to bemuse him, and by the same token how such a large and powerful beast could sustain itself on grass just a few millimetres long puzzled me. We decided to let each other be, he wandered upstream with his yak chums and I turned my gaze to the shadows falling on the barren hills before me, and beyond them the golden hue falling over Lhotse and Everest.

I must apologise to whoever has been checking my blog of late. If you are that person you will know that it has been woefully neglected. This is due to my having found myself in an odd place, a place that did not warrant public scrutiny and so for a while I have been keeping myself to myself. Now I am in Tibet which, whilst also being an odd place, is odd in a different way. Here I am doing my best to guide a small band of adventurer cyclists a thousand kilometre across the roof of the world from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Tonight we are camping at one of my favourite spots just a stone’s throw (admittedly a powerful throw) from the world’s mightiest mountain. We have surely been blessed with the weather. May is the end of the dry season here and with the weather across Asia being all topsy-turvy of late anything could have happened. But save for a drop of rain in the capital of the so called Autonomous Region and a disturbing snow storm one morning a few days into our journey our time here has been climatically splendid. The sky has in the main part been blue with an ascetically pleasing scattering of wonderfully diverse clouds dotting the sky, and yesterday Everest was so clear that even the hallmark jet stream pennant flying from her summit was absent.

But enough of this merry banter about weather where most do not venture. During my absence from blogging I have not been idle. Well, not totally idle, for I have been researching a little something that may well be of interest to anyone with an interest in cycling, tropical beaches, fine food and beer, and an escape from the gloom of a European winter. If this sounds of interest then there may be something rather appealing on this blog soon.

For now I will leave you with a few pics from Tibet.


another valley


everest at the end of yet another valley (lots of valleys in tibet you will note)


everest again. in the foreground is the chomolongma

home for the bewildered, an institution in which i intend to enjoy

residency during my dotage


a happy yak


a glum yak that was quite likely picked on at school


tashilumpo monastery, shigatsa


a tibetan home


a homeless tibetan


‘ere there be bandits


a lost tour leader


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