cambodia tour video

Last August my old chum Cam and I set off on a two week jolly through Cambodia on our bicycles. Being a top flight fine art photographer Cam decided to have a go at making a video documentary of the journey. It was all done for a bit of fun, quickly ,with no planning and little thought, using his wife’s little Canon pocket camera.

A couple of days ago Cam plonked himself down behing his Mac, opened a beer, and began tinkering with the video footage we hadn’t deleted by accident.

The result is enough to make us think that with a bit of a planning we may be able to craft a video of some interest. Something that we hope to do, somewhere in Asia, later this year.

Snippets of the Cambodia trip can be seen here.


7 thoughts on “cambodia tour video

  1. Loved the video Walks – rather wished I hadn’t seen the egg eating whilst I was consuming my own lunch.
    The things one does for a TV career!

  2. Cheers Jonesy.
    Of course at the end of the day we all (omnivores) eat chicken and we all eat eggs. This just saves messing around; breakfast and lunch in one.

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