osmosno in the day

If you tried to find osmosno and ended up here that is because, as you will no doubt by now have gathered, http://www.osmosno.com has been redirected.

The osmosno site had become stale. I have had no access to it or it’s attendant blog for well over a year and during that time it stood abandoned whilst the blog disappeared. I was asked recently by the host of the site what I thought should be done with it. The host was taking care of administration and moving over to a new, erm, well a new technical thingy that meant pottering around with complicated sounding issues that left me in a state of bewilderment. I mulled this over and decided that as the writing on the Osmosno website was mine and the photography was half mine anyone interested in the osmosno site and blog would be more interested in something alive and ongoing.

Should you wish to view http://www.osmosno.com you can still do so by clicking here or entering old.osmosno.com into you browser.

high in the andes

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