Funny How Life Goes

a viking, the sky, the city

“Had someone told me a week ago that come Sunday I would be wander through Copenhagen in the snow I would have suggested that they were just a tad potty” I said to my companions as on Sunday afternoon we strolled through the Scandinavian snow.
I should have been with a group of cyclists on a boat on the Mekong River at the time, but life has a funny way of turning things topsy-turvy and as a consequence I had a quite splendid afternoon wandering around this beautiful city with a few fellow passengers from our diverted flight to London. Alas the cold soon became too much and the only sensible course of action was the warmth of a cosy tavern where the locals introduced us all manner of Danish delicacies culminating in raw herring and a wonderful Swedish schnapps. Ahh cheers.

snowy streets

spires abound



street food Danish style

in a cosy tavern


a fellow stranded traveler


4 thoughts on “Funny How Life Goes

  1. Hey – that’s where I live! Not quite the Mekong, but we do have a lot of water – mostly frozen currently. Hope you enjoyed the traditional Christmas food.

    I plan to be back in Asia soon. Dave, do you know anything about riding a bike in Myanmar – is it allowed?

    • Hello Joel, What a great city to have as a home.
      I once cycled in Burma. We managed to cross over the border from China, but we then needed to take transport for the first 170KMS with a guide before we were set free and, following an evening on a particularly strong dark beer with our ‘guide’ we were left to our own devices. Cycling is allowed, we discovered later that wild camping is apparently not, although we camped a lot unseen. It seemed to us that so long as you stay on the main tourist routes then all was well. We did not and were often followed by plain clothes police on little motor scooters. I have to say that these police were never rude or threatening towards us, always polite and friendly actually, but after a while being followed becomes annoying, especially in the evening when you are looking for somewhere to camp.
      This was all some years ago, 2005 as I recall. I doubt that much has changed. It is a beautiful country populated by lovely people and alas run by a slightly potty government. You will of course have to fly in and out. I would say go light, stay in hotels and do a loop that takes in the main attractions, IE Rangoon to Mandalay and round to Bagan taking in such places as Inle Lake and, erm, well there are a couple of hill stations in the area. The road out of Mandala going up to Pyin U Lwin is one of of the most fantastic roads I have ever seen. Really worth the detour to ride it. A bit of a climb but the road is a great piece of architecture.
      When are you back in Asia?

      • Hi Dave. Thanks for reply. I hope to be back in SEA in little more than a month. And then what? Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China are all offering themselves. However, in Thailand I talked to a couple of guys – one was burmese (met him in Rangoon, right at the border) the other a tourist, and both encouraged me to go. What I might do is to ask around in Chiang Mai, where I should be able to get visa and stuff. I would be happy staying in guesthouses there, but I do consider bringing a tent this time.

        Hope you get a good group 😉 What’s on the schedule?

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