Rural Lao.

The quirk of Lao for me is that although it is a beautiful land populated by lovely people it never inspires me to take photographs or write a great deal . Whether this is because I feel very much at home here or whether it is because I am happy simply dwelling in the present moment and enjoying just being I do not know, but it is the way it is.

The tour I have been leading this time has just come to an end and I have to say that the group has been absolutely wonderful. I really have had a splendid time.
Our conversation would wander around from intelligent interesting discussions to humorous light banter interspersed with smutty witticisms that slowly grew in intensity as the group became more comfortable with each other; but even by the tour’s end the risqué banter seldom began before breakfast and always drew to a conclusion soon after the last man -or Lucy- had fallen.

I am off to Vietnam tomorrow where I shall be leading a three week tour week starting in Hanoi and finishing back here in Vientiane. For now though, if you will excuse be, I have an afternoon cocktail appointment. Life’s a struggle.


kids in one of the schools that Redspokes sponsor. more about Redspokes ethical cycling here



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