Davie’s On The Road Again


My-oh-my, high altitude blood can give a chap a spring in his step once he gets back to sea level. Alas a month of cycling at high altitude can make a fellows legs wither rather, at least that feels to be the case today.
Leaving Bangkok I felt finely honed. I felt that I was running like a smooth well oiled machine, and then I remembered that I have just had my back wheel rebuilt, that is what’s feeling as smooth as silk. Still I power along at a fair pace as the extra blood cells from altitude enrich my oxygen supply. It crosses my mind that I would probably be excluded from the Tour de France for this. And then, at around one hundred kilometres I begin to feel my legs, I realise that this is the first time in over a month that I have felt the muscles in my legs so little power have I been putting through them.
The salt crystallised on my brow, the residue of evaporated sweat is a novelty as well; I don’t think that I broke into a sweat once in Tibet.
Now I sit at a road side café drinking a coffee, best I get a move on if I want to make Kanchanaburi in time for sundowners.



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