A Few Pics of Cambod


It is said by the wise that if one has nothing to say, one should say nothing. Alas wisdom has never been one of my stronger virtues but I will make a compromise and say little.
My first commercial tour of the season is done and dusted, as is my stay in Cambodia for this year. It was a fine tour. The group was small and pleasant.
My next tour is Tibet, and at the moment I am feeling a little unfit. So off to Thailand where I intend to spend a few weeks huffing and puffing my way through the hills of the north with the intention of getting into a little better shape.
I think I will follow the lead of the wise now, and order a carafe of wine.






2 thoughts on “A Few Pics of Cambod

    • Ahh, you see, Ngoc knows a handsome man when she sees one. Don’t tell me Phong, that is why she married you.
      The girl is Marie, a bicycle tour guide from Phnom Penh. You see, very beautiful tour guides in Cambodia. Mind you, Vietnam has you Phong, what more could anyone want?

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