A New Mini Adventure

Ohh dear, It has been a while since last I did write upon this blog.
It seems hardly possible that nigh on three weeks have passed since I have been back on this green and pleasant island. I have been having a fine and merry sojourn during which time has whizzed by with scant regard that I may have appreciated a little more of it.
So other than whiter on aimlessly is there a point to this blog post I hear you ask. Well yes, there is. It is time for the second Walker Brothers mini-adventure.
Once again we will be mountain biking, only this time the going will be rather more challenging than the recent Ridgeway ride as we visit every lake of the Lake District and a fair amount of the region’s taverns.
The trip is a six day adventure that will commence on Sunday. Saturday we drive to the Lake District village of Ambleside in Dicki’s big black motorcar. Once there we could of course go for an afternoon ride, but as with any expedition there are details to be gone over and the kindly soul he is Dicki is eager, for the good of the nation, to sample and verify the quality of the ale on tap at our first nights accommodation. So an afternoon of going over the details of the route with a fine tooth comb and finely fettling our machines will be conducted in a lake side inns garden prior to a start immediately after church on Sunday morning.
As I will not be taking my MacBook the blog will not be updated until after the journey, but for those of you interested I will be making my maiden foray into Tweeting where our progress can be monitored as we shoulder the bikes over Black Sail Pass, ride over Haystacks and sample the real ale of Wasdale Head Inn. To be frank, I am far from familiar with Twitter but the name is bicyclenomad.











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