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The Phuket Beach Scene You Don't See In The Brochure.

It has been a rather lacklustre performance of late on the blog front to say the very least; and for this I offer no excuse beyond bone idleness. I know full well that I suffer from this complaint and that I always have done. The oldest recollection that I have of a teacher saying something to me at school was my old infant class teacher Mrs Freeman saying “you are bone idle boy”. I do have earlier recollections of school. I well remember standing in the corner facing the wall and thinking what a strange waste of time that was. But being informed of my idleness was the first verbal exchange I recall. And it was an exchange because I found this an odd expresion – it was the reference to bone that I found odd – and I told Mrs Freeman so. She then went on to explain to me that I also suffered from insolence and stupidity. It was an informative day during which I learned much about myself. So idleness is not simply an excuse for not keeping the blog up to date, it is a valid reason.
I made it to Phuket, and I am still on Phuket, although I am now making very serious threats to leave Phuket. I like it here but I am feeling restless, very restless. I have been taking a good look at myself over the past few days and there is no escaping the fact that the wanderlust is still within me and is burning strongly. With the way the rest of the year is looking there will not be a proper expedition until early next year though, and quite what or where it will be remains to be seen. For the rest of this year I have a couple of months in the UK planned and then work in Asia. In between tours there are gaps of time sufficient for a few small adventures, and I have some in mind already, but more of that closer to the time. I also have some little UK adventures planned which I shall chronicle in these pages.
Hum, I am now chuckling at myself as I realise that my work is pretty good as well. I guess that leading a group of cyclists through Tibet for a month, and then Vietnam and Laos and India and beyond is a great way to spend the second half of the year. I am also planning a photographic expedition in The Everest Region with my good friend Cam, who is a world class panoramic photographer.
Before any of that I will remount my faithful old steed and make my way right down to the most South Westerly point of Thailand in order to enter Malaysia and gain enough visa time to remain in Thailand until I fly to London.
As I write this I sit by the ocean. It is a lovely little restaurant with an even more lovely waitress whose appearance seems to be catching my attention rather more than mine is hers, if you follow me. There is a cool breeze blowing in from the sea. The breeze is welcome as the temperature is high, and when there is no cloud cover the harsh direct sun along with the heat has meant that when I exercise my perspiration rate is enough to cause me grave concern. Half and hour after stopping yesterday I stood nattering to the chap in the room next to mine. When I wander off I was aware of leaving a puddle behind. This cannot be very good. This inspired me to conduct an experiment. I later weighed myself on the scales outside Seven-11 and then went for a 45 minute ride. I then weighed myself again on the same scales and found that during the ride I had lost 1.2KG, which I though rather a lot. Wonder what I loose in a day.
Well, it is time for me to head off toward Malaysia now. I will be back to keeping the blog up to date once I am on the road.

I hope that all of you in Christendom have had a great Easter weekend.





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