How Not To Get Lost

The breeze that blows across me now has a wonderful quality of being both warm and cool; like bitter sweet it plays with the senses, teasing them. I am sitting not five metres from the sea following a most splendid impulse decision made but one hour since.
This morning I had a late start, then I had a puncture. I cursed the tyre and the piece of wire that pierced it, then I fixed the puncture and continued following the quiet little road that hugs the coast of The Gulf of Thailand. It was a wonderful picturesque way to spend a morning, it was one of thoses rides where I realise that I am alone and I think of those with whom I would like to share this experience.
I was by now hungry, the white surf from the turquoise sea was lapping against the golden sand as I came to a small restaurant. Not only a restaurant but also a guest house. I thought of food, I needed food. I looked at the beach and thought how lovely it would be to sit and have a beer with lunch and just call it a day. This struck me first as idle, and then it struck me that if this is what I fancy doing it would be foolish not to. And so, here I sit in a small wooded shack on stilts over the sand writing and drinking in splendid isolation.


I think that now would be a good a time to mention my new technique.
Any reader with a modicum of observation will have noticed that on several occasions just recently I have made reference to my becoming a little lost. As a traveller, an adventurer and a tour leader this began to irritate me. I realised that it was good for neither my reputation, nor for finding my way to where I wished to be. Action was needed. So I put some though into the situation, some serious thought, and what I came up with has proven through all practical trials to date to be foolproof and without fault.
I will use the little trip I am on now to highlight the system. Anyone wishing to adopt it can modify the directions according to their own purpose.This particular journey is from Thailand’s far north east to it’s far south west. Now what I realised is this; the classical error made by just about every traveller wishing not to get lost is to set themselves a destination for the day. Set a destination and you increase you chances of becoming lost many many fold. My considered and tested advice to those who wish not to get lost is to say to yourself “somewhere between south and west today” and set off in that direction. Assuming that your eventual destination is south west of where you are and you have a tiny amount of common sense, by adopting this system you will reduce you chances of becoming lost tremendously, one may even say, eradicate them. And so far I have ended up in some lovely little spots where I have been able to while away my evening by rivers and sea.



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