An Early Finish


I intended to start early today in case the sun made a full appearance rather than duplicate yesterday’s half hearted effort, where it spent most of the day lurking behind clouds. Alas a puncture put the kibosh on that plan, but still, I felt happy to be abroad in the fresh morning air. I mended the puncture and set off in search of breakfast, for there is nothing quite like a little early morning puncture mending to stimulate the appetite. As I rode along scanning the street leading out of town for a noodle soup shop, something flew up from my front wheel. As it glinted in the morning sun I watched mesmerised as it traced a shimmering arc high above my head and disappear from view. There followed a sharp stab in my back that made me flinch, I twisted my arm behind my back and reached between my shoulder blades. Glass. A sliver of glass had managed to drop between my shirt collar and my neck and was now sticking in my back. eight thirty and both my tyre and my back punctured. Good job I don’t beieve in omens. (Much).
I had intended to cover 160 KMS today. I intended to cover this distance because I know a nice little guest house by a river 160KMS distant from my last port of call. But after 100KMS I had a change of heart. It occurred to me that despite the silly notion I always seem to get into my muddled head when I am riding, I was in no real hurry. I also still harbour a concern about my health. I am very eager that I should fully recover with no relapse, and as anyone who has ever been on a high altitude tour with me will know, I am a great believer in giving ones body all the help it requires to recover, including rest. I was also tired and it looked very much like rain. So I concluded that an early stop was in order. And what a pleasant spot I found. I left the busy highway and headed for the coast. When I found the coast I began to make my way north again, mainly because there was no road south. I had a nice little ride along the water front, stopped on an empty beach to have a sit and a chat with a dog, and found my way to this village by three thirty, which struck me as rather convivial.


There is not much here. Well, that is not strictly true, there are things here. There are two guest houses, there are a couple of restaurants, there is a big fenced off area containing several nice houses where foreigners seem to live. There is a Boy Scout Camp (seriously) and there are a goodly number of fishermen. To complement the fishermen there are a goodly number of small fishing boats. Squid boats I would say. One can tell a squid boat in Thailand because squid boats have florescent lights on booms that hinge out over the sea to attract the squid at night, Rather like insects, squid seem to have a fondness for florescent lights.
I took a little wander along the beach, something that the local dogs seemed to disapprove of, and conducted a cursory study of the fishermen. It would appear that during the hours of daylight they (the fishermen) hang in hammocks napping smoking and nattering. Some mend nets whilst hanging in their hammocks smoking and nattering, but most nap. Then at night time they burst into action and off they go squid fishing. It is only now as I write this that I feel a little silly as I just had chicken for dinner. Ahh, not to worry, there were chickens on the beach as well.




2 thoughts on “An Early Finish

    • Yep, I do have a tendency to feel that I should keep going, difficult to just stop. Bur yesterday turned out to be a splendid day, well worth stopping early. Though I now fear that I may get into the swing of it, stop by twelve each day and become a raving alcoholic

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