Gamy Leg Update


Wow, I feel a lot better now. Better in spirit more that in body. This is not to say that I am not well in body, just that the improvement in spirit is greater.
I have just visited the doctor and all went pretty much to plan. He said that the leg is looking good, that I should clean and dress the wound every day (it is no longer my hole, it is now a wound) and that I should continue on oral antibiotics for another eight days.
It’s good to get the IV needle out of my vein. It was becoming a rather sore which the nurse suggested was due to my having overused the hand and bent the needle a little. Of course this led to vivid images of a bent needle in my vein and the nasty damage that could be doing. I began to wonder aloud about a new straight needle, and then she showed me the length of the needle. I considered the soreness of my swollen hand and the length of the needle and decided to take her advice and stick with the one I had. This she found highly amusing.
I shall rest for another day or so, then have a couple of short rides out, fifty kilometres or so and if all is well I shall set of for Phuket.
In the interest of time I was going to take the train for some of the journey to Phuket. But now, in the interest of getting into some sort of shape again I shall ride all of the way.
My plan had been to visit my friend and colleague Phong in Vietnam to have a look at a commercial cycling route through the mountains of the North East in April. Alas due to work commitments this has had be to postponed, which is a shame as I was quite looking forward to it.
Well what to do for now? I feel in a celebratory mood, and as I cannot drink for another eight days I shall go wild and post a couple of pictures of a big golden buddha.




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