A Changing Scene and Overcoming Temptation

The last few days have seen a change in both flore and climate. The road is flat and straight now wherever I go, and the landscape varies depending on man’s input. Where left alone the scene is barren, parched. The air has lost its spring like quality and is now harsh, hot, and like the landscape dry. There is menace in the breeze, as though the air is hot and dry enough to ignite the parched foliage such is its intensity. I take in a huge amount of fluids that flow straight through my pores dries in an instant and leaves a residue of white crystals across my body.
Then the air changes. The humidity increases as around me all becomes green. Irrigation brings life, the beautiful green of the rice fields, white wading birds picking at grubs in the water, a bird of prey circles overhead looking for rodents and snakes. A fine example of man’s ingenuity bringing life to an other wise hostile enviroment. The air is now humid and sweat begins to drip, it forms a small layer in my sunglasses, the salt stings my eyes and I stop to put on a sweat band.

A little voice begins to nag at me. I know the voice well for it happens from time to time. A temptation that I suspect arrises from a need for energy in the form of sugar, protein in the form of milk, and a great desire for anything cold. My little inner nag adds these needs up and concludes that the best thing to satisfy my need is, icecream.
“Have an ice cream’ it says. I tell it that I will not and like a spoilt child it says “Ohh, go on”.
“no” I tell it “if I do you will only start moaning in half an hour that you feel a little queasy”
“no no” says the voice, “I will be fine, go on, have a Cornetto, they are lovely”
I have a system for overcoming temptation. Quite when I devised it I cannot now recall, but it was some while ago.
It has caused expense that with the benefit of hindsight I considered excessive, it has on occasions found me in a little fix. It has caused me to wake up wondering where I am and why I am, and on occasions puzzling over the identity of the person next to me. My system can produce any and all of these side effects, but I find that the only way to truly overcome temptation, is to give in to it. To the best of my recollection this course of action has yet to let me down.
So I had the ice cream. It was a Cornetto and I was right, it was rubbish. But once again my system has worked.






One side of the road...




and the other...




The sugar cane harvest is in full swing


A roadside spirit house.


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