As Of First Day of Spring

It was a fine morning, the air was not hot but warm with that quality unique to the first fine day of spring. I stopped for a bite to eat at a typical little junction town, a community that has built up for no reason other than the meeting of two roads that, if not exactly main, eventually lead to somewhere of note. I rode up and down hoping for a restaurant to catch my eye, one did not so I picked one at random and took a seat outside. I ordered fried noodles and sat soaking up the atmosphere. And what an atmosphere. The town seemed, like the weather, to have about it a quality unique to the beginning of summer. Not everyone smiled, but those who did not wear a smile had a facial expression that suggested a broad grin was lurking just bellow the surface. Teenagers milled about the town with the air of heading to school to meet chums on the first day back after a long summer holiday, or perhaps having just that very lunch time broken up for Christmas. They meandered in a manner that bellied no particular direction. I checked my watch, it was eleven. Were they late for school or early for lunch? A phone rang, it played Jingle Bells and I smiled. Seeing me smile a young lad smiled back. Some ladies chatted with me in Thai and I did my best to reply, they complimented me on my Thai, which was more an expression of their good manners than my linguistic skills. I was warming to this little community very quickly and I lingered for a while after my noodles were finished.

My day ended in the town of Lampang. I like Lampang very much. I stumbled across Lampang a couple of years ago by chance and took rather a shine to it then. It has a laid back atmosphere and some lovely architecture. I cannot put my finger on what it is but there is a special, one may say unique quality to Lampang. It feels as though it has taken the best qualities of a fine Asian town and mixed them with the finest attribute of a South American town. “It is a town” i told myself “that probably has a fine lazy atmosphere on a Sunday”. I decided that I should check, so I stayed for Sunday, and it does. I like it here.







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