The Bad The Good And The Positive

I mentioned in my last post a difficult situation that arose during my recent work in Lao. I shall not to go into the details, I think that would be a little unprofessional. But what happened has strengthened my belief in something that I have come to understand during the past ten years of wandering the globe.
I am very aware that for people who come along on a bicycle adventure with me it is a very special and important two to four weeks of their life. It is a big chunk of their hard earned annual holiday and a major life experience. For this reason I take my role as tour leader very seriously. It is very much down to me if they have a wonderful memorable experience or feel they have wasted very valuable weeks of their life. I always explain this during my initial briefing and ask people to come to me with any problem in order to nip it in the bud and prevent any negative energy from developing and spreading through the group. It is my experience that simply mentioning the existence of negative energy and its destructive and fast spreading nature sets people thinking and this is generally enough to help a good vibe permeate.
In this recent -and may I stress unique- case the negative energy, which could have been measured in mega tonnes, was aimed squarely at me. The client was clearly as nutty as a bag of almonds and was highly impressive in her ability to make the emperor Caligula seem sane.
There was no rationalising with here. If I spoke to her she would radiate so much negativity that the group could not help but be effected by it. What I had done to deserve this still bewilders me. A reaction was what she wanted but that would have been far more unpleasant for the group. My duty is to the happiness of my group, all I could do was accept her bitterness, absorb it and let it go, which I did.
The lovely thing was though that others in the group were wonderful. They said some very kind things to me. Very touching, and it shows what I have long believed, that the world is full of goodness. The hugs I got at the end from the ladies said more than a thousand words, they were genuine, from the heart.
In the group one and a little bit nasty people (her husband became slightly and feebly unpleasant) radiated enough negativity to potentially obscure the kindness of the rest.
And this is my point, one unpleasant deed can obscure a thousand good deeds. I guess it is just a survival instinct to become so focused on bad; good does us no harm but we need to defend our selves from bad, so we tend to focus on it.
As I travel the world I am touched by endless acts of kindness. The help, the greetings and the hospitality that I am shown by strangers flows inexhaustibly. The fact that I even mention this unpleasant incident is indicative of its rare and unusual nature.
When I hear the news on the radio or TV, when I read the papers, so long as it is bad news I shall be at peace, for it is only the unusual that makes the news. The day that good deeds become regular head lines is the day to give up hope.

Ahh, yes, I understand.

Preparing Mekong River Weed For Our Evening Meal

A Typical Lao Kitchen

One of the many charity projects founded and funded by Redspokes is this rural school in Lao. Redspokes charities benefit 100% from money donated. Not one penny is taken for administration or any other costs

Goat Dancing. An Unusual Passtime

A Rural Petrol Station


4 thoughts on “The Bad The Good And The Positive

  1. ahh, sounds like she was as mad as a box of frogs.
    Never mind, she might have had a puncture or a parking ticket on her return.

    Chin up, on to the next adventure.

  2. Tee-hee
    She made a box of frogs seem seem like a very sane person on a particularly sane day Mr Jones. It may sound petty and vindictive of me, but if she had both and puncture and a parking ticket I would have much trouble stifling a smile.
    Fear not though old chap, the chin is high in preparation to sally fourth on the morrow.

    • David, Sorry to hear that your last bike trip was not as good as normal. But you had tried very hard for the best, the rest of group approved for it!
      Cheers my friend!

      • Ahhhhh, Mr Phong. Good to hear from you. You have been in my thoughts today, have been thinking about Vietnam. Will email you soon. As for the Lao trip, you know how it goes Phong. You know how I work and I did the same as usual. The rest of the group seemed to have a great time. You just can’t please all of the people all of the time. Hope to see you soon my friend.

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