And so to Lao


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I sit in an air conditioned chill watching a familiar scene rewind at remarkable speed. I have cycled the route from Bangkok to Phuket on several occasions, and now for the first time I find myself cocooned in a luxury coach doing the same journey in reverse direction. Small guest houses where I have stayed the night, road side restaurants where I have refuelled with noodle soup and fried rice pass by in a blur. A days worth of pleasant cycling passes by every ninety minuets and a whole weeks ride passes by in 12 hours. The best parts are skipped altogether, the lovely little roads that wind through fishing villages remain hidden from the traveller on public transport. I long to be on my bicycle, I see a simple guest house and as the sun is setting I consider that I should be relaxing outside my room there with a beer. I long to be free, to be outside on my bicycle, but with work looming large on the horizon I have no time to spare getting to Laos. So by circumstance I am given a blunt reminder why I choose to travel by bicycle.
I am reunited with my old stead, about this I am happy. I will be in Lao’s capital Vientiane on Wednesday morning and meeting the group I am to lead on a cycling adventure through Lao on Saturday.


Out With The New

In With The Old


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