Images and Journey Info


Hello folks. Contrary to what you may believe, during my sojourn on Phuket – for that is where I now am – I have not been idle. Indeed I have been busy grappling with technology and cyber space as well as the local brew and as a consequence I have come up with a couple of new features for the blog.

For those looking for some visual inspiration I am compiling a modest online gallery of images from previous journeys. And for those looking to head out on an adventure of their own through Asia or the Americas I have added some information from many of my previous journeys. This covers things such as daily distances, altitude gains, maximum altitudes etc.

These new features are imaginatively titled “Images From The Road” and “Journey Statistics”, I will leave you to work out which is which.

I hope that these new features are of some help and entertainment and I would be very pleased to receive any feedback.Now, it has been a hot and sweaty day, it is high time I took care of my hydration I fancy.


2 thoughts on “Images and Journey Info

  1. Hello Walks,

    Great pictures and always an interesting read … keep up the good work.

    Do you have your trusty old steed back yet, or are you still ‘single speeding’ it?


    • Hello Jonesey, Yep, back on the old stead which is great. Making my way to Lao at the mo, will be there on Wednesday morning I hope.


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