Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu, near to the border with Thailand, is nearly the end of this short ride through Malaysia. Short, and from a cycling point of view short on noteworthiness , but not without incident.
I am now riding alone. Things have changed. The Osmosno Brothers have different directions in which to travel and I am travelling in my direction, hence the new blog. All of my writing from the old blog will, technology willing, be available here on my new blog soon.

The ride along the east coast of Malaysia is not exactly inspirational. I learned one thing though in the past couple of days, the Alta bike was never intended for long distances. The first 30KM is fine, the next thirty brings on sporadic bouts of wriggling. By ninety kilometres cursing is involuntary. At 100 every contact point with the bicycle is aching and crying out for mercy, hands are numb, feet ache, backside feels like it has been battered with a scaffold plank and until a recent adjustment of the seat angle there was from time to time a scary numbness where a chap does not like to have a scary numbness. The interesting thing is that after 100KM the feeling of being an inquisition victim remains constant, I know. Yesterday feeling in a particularly masochistic mood I pressed on for just shy of 200KMS, mainly driven on by the thought that in Thailand there is beer. Ohh, the one thing that does seem to get progressively worse is the feet, by 160KM my feet began to burn as though hot coals were being applied. In short The Alta is excellent in the environment for which it was intended, short commutes and generally posing around a city. In Singapore it was wonderful. It is also a fine training bike, but as a long distance tourer, nope, not so good.



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