Sheep Attack

We climb slowly as we follow the river upstream through another beautiful valley. Again I feel as though I am in a Tolkien novel, Hobbit like people wandering to their little round thatched houses. The weather is splendid, like England on a perfect summer’s day.  We sit on the valley edge eating bread and honey watching a humming bird flit amidst the flowers.


Moving on Sebastian is in front as we enter the next village, it is a small simple place, an old man stands on the side of the dusty street watching our progress. I bring up the rear a few metres from Julian, a French cyclist we met recently, the atmosphere is still and calm when a sheep wanders into view, it is a normal looking sheep, no sign of menace in it’s apearance until head down it goes for Julian. Taked by suprise Julian tries to stear a course to safety  but the sheep is not about to let up his attack. Julian jumps from his bike and the sheep chases him in circles round and round the machine. I stop fearing that I will fall off of my bicycle such are my fits of laughter. 
Sebastian heads back into the fray and seeing a new victim aproach the sheep turns his attention to Sebastian.

Now this is what I call entertainment. The sheep rams Sebastian’s bike and a chase ensues.
Keeping hold of his handle bars Sebastain does lap after lap of his machine, the savage sheep in hot pursuit, on several occasions
Sebastian tries foiling the beast by hoping over the crossbar, the sheep is no fool, as soon as Sebastian lands the sheep is at his feet resuming it’s attack. The old man looks amused, ‘he’s a bugger that one, always attacking strangers, the village folk think him quite mad’ the old chap explains’.
The sheep stops for breath and we take off, at high altitude  on a rough climb we cannot ride fast for long, the sheep is soon after us, bucking and kicking the air as he runs. At the edge of the village he gives up the chase, we continue and I try to calm my laughter and regain my composure.


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