Jungle to Desert

Moving south west we are heading into desert country. The deep green jungle gave way rather suddenly to desert, and the flora in that desert is becoming thinner as we move on. We stopped for lunch at a windswept sandy roadside truck stop yesterday and were warned of trouble ahead. Wherever we go people warn us that where are heading next is dangerous. Only bad people live there. We are used to this and take no notice, but warnings of bandits do make you think a little, why do people revel in giving bad news?

Yesterday evening we stocked up on bread, cheese, vegetables and pasta. Today we will load up with 20 litres of water each and head out for 2 days of ‘unforgiving desert’. According to our map there is nothing at all along this stretch of highway. As a work of fiction our map is a wonderful thing and we highly recommend it. As a reliable guide to the route ahead we do not.


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