Since the last entry we have found ourselves pretty much on the Colombian tourist trail such as it is. We became rather a


feature of the small hill top town of Salento for five days. This is not difficult to do as we found ourselves in the lovely little Plantation House hostel which is run by Tim who shows a great enthusiasm and fondness for running a guest house.

Plantation House is an old colonial bungalow set in a small jungle of a garden which in turn is part of Tim’s coffee plantation.

The town of Salento is perched on a 2000 metre high plateau at the head of a beautiful green valley. Small and set around a plaza of colourful colonial architecture it is the perfect spot for weary cyclists to take a few days break.The truth of the matter is that we were far from weary but still decided that it would be rude not to take a break, hence five days eating, drinking, washing clothes, maintaining bicycles and enjoying good company.


Back on the road the going was easy and soon we had reached Colombia’s third largest city, Cali which is where we are now. Little to say about Cali. In an hour we will be back on the road road heading south, more on the blog soon.



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