Leaving Taganga


The foot is fixed and all is well, time to get going. Packing wasn’t quite as quick as it could have been. Before the foot incident we had been organised and ready to leave, but one extra day gave us ample opportunity to make a mess of the room and spread things everywhere.


As we organised our things and packed our panniers I could hear Sebastian uttering Dutch curses under his breath ‘godverdomme, my bags are all full and I have so much left to pack’ .I found this interesting as my panniers were still virtually empty and yet all of my possessions were packed. I decided that to mention this would only cause unnecessary complication and delay and so kept quiet.

Then he got a puncture. He got a puncture in the room. This is the second puncture he has had in the room since we have been here. It is rather odd. It was in times gone by I who suffered from odd punctures, punctures that for reasons that I will not go into here cannot be mended, the only solution is a new tube. He went out into the sunshine and changed the tube.

I wheeled my machine out and immediately Sebastian noticed the contrast between his bags packed full and stretched as tight as a funeral drum, and my rather empty floppy luggage. I managed to persuade him that this was no time to get involved in the whys and where-fores of this and that we should get going post haste and deal with it at a more opportune time. We left, the journey has begun.


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