Nearly Off

We have taken rather longer than expected to get going. For this there are several reasons, not least being You Tube; being here in a Spanish speaking land we hear constant reminders of dear old Manuel, and the temptation to have a quick peek at Faulty Towers is a tad too great to resist.

Today though we resisted the temptation of more Spanish lessons and set to organising ourselves for the off.

Sebastian gallantly insisted that he should keep on with the tiresome task of expedition planning, but I managed to convince him to spare himself from the mental turmoil and enjoy the delights of organising the gear, packing, and fettling the machines.


We decided to go for a test ride around the bay to Santa Marta.

Except for a few minor adjustments and Sebastian getting a puncture before he even had chance to sit on his machine (jolly amusing I thought) all went well.

Now we are as packed and organised as two disorganised people can be and ready for the off tomorrow.



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