Injury Strikes


Disaster has struck Osmosno base camp. Being rather disturbed by the local diet of a whole dead animal and a small potato the Osmosno Brothers decided that it was high time for healthy food; and so last night, for the first time this year, they cooked a big pan of their award winning world famous Osmosno pasta. So excited was Sebastian at the idea of having vitamins and carbohydrates in his system that he began running around like a little boy on E-numbers. His feet were bare and soon the peace of the Caribbean night was shattered by Dutch expletives.


  A rather unpleasant swelling soon appeared on the sole of his foot. Emergency discussions were held, the result of which being a unanimous agreement that the swelling must be lanced. (it should be noted that there was rather more enthusiasm about this from David than there was from Sebastian).

The operation was a success, but this morning – the morning of the commencement of the Osmosno South America expedition – there is a complication. Sebastian is hobbling and cursing rather. Alas the ball of his right foot, the very part through which power is transmitted to the bicycle peddle, is no longer weight bearing. Hum, not good, what to do?




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