Osmosno arrives in Colombia


mg_898311.jpgHere we are in Colombia. The flight was fine, it got us here, but Avianca, the Colombian national carrier, is not the worlds most luxurious airline. In fact one could say rather, erm, budget conscious. To pry a glass of wine out of them is rather a challenge but satisfying when one is successful; and a wonderful challenge to help while away the hour on such a long flight. 

It would seem that they tried to cut back on entertainment expenses too. None of the personal interactive TVs so common on Asian airlines (Royal Nepal excepted of course), instead rather quaint 70’s style cinema screens. This is OK, it is after all a cheap flight. But when after the third film they repeated the first one we thought that three DVDs for a twelve hour flight was cutting costs to the bone. And talking of a twelve hour flight, during his discourse soon after take off the captain informed us that the flight time would be nine hours. So after ten hours of flying we thought that perhaps we had just been struggling against a stiff head wind, after 11hours we began to wonder if we were a little lost, and at twelve our concern was whether we had enough petrol to make it if we would run dry and be stuck up there all night.

Eventually though the driver found the airport and brought the journey to an exciting finale with a dramatic landing that raised quite a cheer from the emotional passengers. There followed two more adrenaline inducing take offs and landings and a ride in a yellow taxi that had clearly seen as many years pass by as it’s driver, before arriving at our pleasant guest house just a couple of hundred metres from the sea. 


First impressions of Colombia; Friendly people, hot and poor. Not much more to say about it just now as our only experience so far is as described above combined with a short wander through the small tourist sea side village we are in.


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